Master the Art of Dribbling in Handball: Essential Techniques and Tips

The pivot is an extremely agile player, capable of receiving the ball with both hands and in often tight spaces. His main quality lies in his great skill, allowing him to shoot in sometimes improbable positions, whether with his back to the basket, in a horizontal position or even on his knees.

How to be a good handball pivot?

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Full back in handball: Full back is the strongest and most athletic position on the field.

The pivot is the pillar of the team. He works in the shadows, using his body as a wall to distract opponents from their defender and create space for himself or his teammates. He is at the heart of the defense, near the goal, and is often marked by two opponents.
It is important that the defender stays between the pivot and the ball. Pay attention to the defender’s behavior (especially when passing the pivot) in order to control the pivot and avoid penalizing fouls.

How to start playing handball? A handball match begins with a draw. The winning team then chooses the side of the field or takes the throw-in which takes place on the center line. The player taking the throw-in must have at least one foot on this line until the ball leaves his hands.

How to be a good wingman? To be able to gain speed, you must attract the defensive floater and stand out to receive a pass. To facilitate the action of your winger, it is preferable to start without the ball on the pivot side. This means that the pivot positions himself between defenders 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 on the side where the winger will enter without the ball.

Who is Bernard Pivot’s wife?

How to play effectively as a pivot in handball? The pivot must demonstrate great agility. He stands out in particular by catching the ball with his “bad hand”. Indeed, if the opponent is on the right, the defense will try to block his right arm to limit his movements. A good pivot is therefore capable of receiving the ball with both hands and in very tight spaces.

How to dribble in handball?

Dribbling is an important technique in handball. It is advisable to practice regularly to be able to dribble with both hands and not look at the ball. Unlike basketball, dribbling while rolling the ball with your hand is not allowed.

To make a shot, you must raise your arm above your head and in front of your body if you want the ball to return to the next location. If aiming at a distant point, the arm must be parallel to the ground. It is also important to be moving when receiving the ball to deceive defenders.

To achieve a good shot, you must develop shoulder and wrist strength. It is an essential combination to obtain both power and precision. Alain Portes, the coach of the French women’s handball team, emphasizes the importance of placing the ball correctly.

The free throw is an action that occurs following a violation of the rules. For example, when a player enters the opposing goal zone. The free throw is taken at the location where the infraction was committed.

To perform a hip kick, simply bend your finger against your thumb then suddenly release it to return the ball. Once you have mastered this technique, you can attempt to score using a hip thrust when a defender is in front of you.

As for your wrist, here’s how it works in handball. Sit and place your arms on your knees with your palms facing up. You can use dumbbells for this exercise. Slowly raise the dumbbells using only your wrists, then repeat the exercise.

The 7 meter throw is a shot on target which must be taken within 3 seconds by the player designated by the referee. This is a special situation in the game of handball.

How to start handball?

Here are some tips for taking a good step in handball:

– Hold the ball firmly.
– Bring your elbow to shoulder level.
– Both feet must be very stable.
– Direct the weight of your body towards the leg bent and positioned forward, in front of the throwing arm.
– Observe the player who is going to fall.

When you throw, your hand should be above your head. Your elbow should be high, level with your head. Throw the ball with a movement of the shoulders towards the target, accompanied by a flexion of the wrist at the end of the movement. Your fingers should point toward the target.

It should be noted that handball can be played from the age of 3 for young people and up to 70 years old, or even more, for the most daring! There is no age limit as long as the pleasure of playing is present and the body follows.

Why do we love handball? What I particularly like about this sport is that it is complete, that it is practiced as a team and that it allows you to assert yourself as a player and as a person. It also allows you to find your place in a group. Despite some drawbacks, it’s a great sport!

To successfully take a step without risking enemy interception, it is important to do so at height. To take a big step, place your supporting leg 20 cm from the ball. If you start with the left foot, place the right foot on the right side of the ball. If you start with the right foot, place the left foot on the left side of the ball.

To design a handball court, simply create a rectangle 40 meters long and 20 meters wide including a playing area and two goal areas. The long sides are called “sides”, the lines between the uprights are called “goal lines”, and the lines on either side of the uprights are called “goal out lines”.

Handball is played with two teams made up of seven players each, for a total of 14 players on the field. This team sport is played with a ball on a rectangular field divided into two parts. The players’ objective is to score goals in the opposing camp.

How to be strong in handball?

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To learn handball, you must first join a sports club. The first step is to join the school sports section, called SSS, between 11 and 14 years old. For one to two years, young people benefit from two to three training sessions per week in their local or departmental structure.

Practicing handball also allows you to assimilate certain values ​​such as respect for yourself, other players, the rules of the game and referees… In addition, this team sport promotes solidarity by encouraging the construction of a spirit of solidarity. team and the development of mutual aid.

Here are the actions permitted during a handball match:
– Throw, catch, stop, push or hit the ball using hands (open or closed), arms, head, trunk, thighs and knees.
– Hold the ball for a maximum of three seconds.
– Take three steps or four supports mainly with the ball (otherwise we “walk”).

What is the average salary of a professional rugby player? A professional rugby player’s remuneration depends on his club, his performances and his team. In general, this starts with a net salary of 1200 euros per month. We observe a salary range going from 5,000 to 16,000 euros net per month for professional rugby players.

What is the objective of handball? The principles of the game are as follows: In handball, the goal is to score more points than the opposing team by inserting the ball into their goal, using only the hands to handle the ball.

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