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The best handball teams in France and Europe

Handball is a very popular team sport in Europe, with competitions held regularly to determine the best teams in each country. If you are interested in this field, then this article will introduce you to the best handball teams in France and Europe, based on their performance in various local, national and international championships.

First of all, the best French teams…

Handball was introduced to France in the early 20th century and quickly developed as one of the country’s most popular team sports. French clubs have enjoyed great success both nationally and internationally, in particular thanks to the quality of their players and their commitment to the development of handball. Here are some of the best French teams:

  • Paris Saint Germain : Among the best-known French clubs is Paris Saint-Germain Handball, which holds several French championship titles and also won the EHF Champions League in 2017. In recent years, the Parisian club has invested heavily in its team and can now count on an impressive selection of international talent.
  • US Ivry Handball (US IVRY H.B.) : Another handball giant in France is the Union Sportive d’Ivry-sur-Seine, which has several championship victories since its creation in 1947. The US Ivry is also recognized for its role in training young talents, several of its players having joined the French national team.
  • Stella Saint-Maur Handball And Gagny Municipal Sports Union (USM Gagny): These two women’s clubs have a long history of success in France, with regular victories in the league and national cup since the 1970s and 1980s respectively. They also contribute to the influence of women’s handball in France and internationally.

Now let’s turn to Europe…

European teams are among the best in the world, often competing in international competitions such as the Men’s World Handball Championship and the EHF Champions Leagues. Here are some of the most notable teams:

  • FC Barcelona (Spain): The Spanish handball club is a true colossus and has dominated national and European handball for many years. He has won numerous titles, including several Spanish championship titles and several European trophies. It is also an institution recognized for its ability to identify and train promising talents.
  • THW Kiel (Germany): This German team is considered one of the best in Europe, with an impressive track record, both nationally and internationally. Among his most notable achievements are several victories in the German championship and the EHF Champions League.
  • Telekom Veszprém HC (Hungary): The Hungarian club is also a key player in European handball, with numerous championship victories and a regular presence in the final stages of continental competitions. He is particularly known for his commitment to training local players.

The most successful national teams

To get an overview of the world of handball, it is interesting to look at the best national teams, both men’s and women’s. The teams that have won the most titles are:

  • French men’s team : With six victories in the Men’s World Handball Championship and several European titles, the French team has established itself as the best national team in the world of men’s handball. Over the years, she has developed exceptional talents who have shone both for clubs and for the national team.
  • Norwegian women’s team : Norway is undoubtedly one of the best nations in women’s handball, with a significant track record including two world championship titles and numerous trophies at European level. These successes reflect the nation’s commitment to the development of women’s handball, both at club and national team level.

Some other national teams to consider…

In addition to France and Norway, other nations to watch in the international handball landscape:

  1. Germany : The men’s team is often considered one of the most serious competitors against France, with several world titles to their credit. Additionally, Germany can count on a strong talent base from its local clubs. As for the women’s team, it obtained good results during international competitions.
  2. Croatia : This small European country has an enormous handball tradition – both for its clubs and its national team. Thanks in particular to two Olympic titles and a world title, Croatia has become essential in this team sport.
  3. Denmark : Denmark has also developed strong traditions in the world of handball, with several kings at the men’s level and notably a world championship title in 2019. Although the women’s team is not as successful, they still pose a threat to its European competitors.
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