Improve your handball shooting: Essential techniques and tips

When the ball has passed to the short post, raise the shooting arm above the head and in front of the body. On the other hand, if the ball is passed to the long post, the shooting arm must be parallel to the ground (the arm is extended to the side). It is important that the pivot always stays moving when he receives the ball in order to surprise his defenders.

How to shoot handball well?

The suspension is achieved in a single jump. For right-handed people, you have to left, right, left, jump and throw. For left-handers, you have to right, left, right, jump and throw. We always jump with the foot opposite the throwing hand.
There are different shooting techniques in handball, whether it is a support shot or an extension shot when the player is not on the ground. Creativity also plays an important role in handball and there are a variety of shots to master through regular practice.
To make a good pass, it is essential that the ball is well held in the hand and controlled with all fingers. Each finger and knuckle has a precise position on the ball so that it sits comfortably in the hand.
What is the most effective shooting method in handball? Kung Fu. Popularized by Asian nations, it is one of the most spectacular gestures in handball. The shooter catches the ball while it is suspended above the opponent’s box and must shoot before hitting the ground.
How to dribble well in handball? Dribbling should be practiced regularly so that you can dribble with both hands without looking at the ball. It is forbidden to dribble like in basketball by wrapping your hand around the ball.
What is the basic handball pass? The one-handed “forward” pass is obviously the most used because it meets the requirements of the game: speed, precision and multidirectionality.
How to become a good handball player? Agility is the main quality of the pivot, who must be able to recover the ball with both hands in often narrow spaces. The pivot point must also be able to shoot in unlikely positions, whether with his back to the goal, horizontal or on his knees.

How to work on handball explosiveness?

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To work on lower body explosiveness, stand up on one foot and jump into full extension. Straighten your knees at the end of the ascent and finish on your tiptoes. Next, switch legs. You can do 2 to 6 sets of 30 repetitions.

To strengthen your body, try the bench press. Do 6 reps at 80% of your max before progressing to 10 to 15 reps at 40% of your max (or 15 push-ups). Rest for 2 minutes, then do 5 more sets. Note that this method can be spread over a period of 4 to 5 weeks.

To work on explosiveness, you can do flexion extensions. Do a jump squat as high as possible for your lower body. For your upper body, do jump push-ups. Once you have completed the push-up, press with your straight arms to clap your hands and repeat the process.

Here are some tips for optimizing your training to improve your explosiveness:
– Avoid training when you are tired (favor nervous fatigue rather than muscular fatigue).
– Don’t do too many repetitions.
– Give yourself long rest periods, for example between each set.
– Ideally, practice exercises without a ball so as not to rely too much on technique.

To gain strength in football, it is essential to respect sufficiently long recovery times between repetitions and sets. Do not multiply the repetitions (5 to 6 maximum). The goal is to perform quality muscle movements rather than focusing on quantity. It is also necessary to work at maximum speed.

How to improve your handball winger shot?

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To improve handball shooting, it is important to develop shoulder and wrist strength. According to Alain Portes, the coach of the French women’s handball team, you have to find a symbiosis to have a powerful and precise shot by correctly positioning the ball.

Here’s how to do an exercise to strengthen the wrists: Sit and place your forearms on your legs so that your hands are above your knees. With your palms facing up, let the dumbbells relax slightly, then simply use your wrists to gently lift them. Repeat this exercise several times.

In addition to having strong shoulders and wrists for shooting long shots, guards also need to be versatile in the passing game and dribbling. They must also be skillful because they are often the scorers for their team.

To work on explosiveness in handball, it is recommended to do exercises using SuperSets. SuperSets consist of a pre-fatigue exercise combined with an explosive exercise. For example: 3 repetitions of the half or quarter squat, followed by a plyometric course or a rhythmic ladder for 4 to 6 seconds.

If you want to strengthen your wrists, stand with a water bottle in each hand, palms facing down. On the exhale, extend your wrists while raising the water bottles. Then return to the starting position while inhaling.

According to the Whoscored rankings, the best right-back in the world is Frenchman Fabien Centonze, with a score of 7.36.

How to progress quickly in handball?

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Here are the essential rules of handball:
– It is allowed to touch the ball with different parts of the body: hands (open or closed), arms, head, torso, thighs and knees.
– The ball can be held for a maximum of 3 seconds.
– You are allowed a maximum of 3 steps or 4 touches with the ball, otherwise it is considered a fault to walk.

For the 7 meter throw:
– The shooter cannot pass, he must shoot. He has 3 seconds after the referee’s whistle to take his shot. Additionally, he cannot touch or cross the 7-yard line before the ball leaves his hand.

The pivot plays an important role in handball:
– He must be very maneuverable and able to catch the ball even with his “bad hand”. Indeed, if the player is right-handed, the defense will try to block his right arm to prevent the pass. A good pivot is therefore able to catch the ball with both hands even in tight spaces.

To build a handball court:
– The playing area is a rectangle 40 meters long and 20 meters wide, including a playing area and two goal areas.
– The long sides are called “side lines”, while the short lines between the posts are called “goal lines”.

Regarding handball penalties:
– The 7 meter throw is a direct shot at goal, equivalent to a penalty, which is whistled when the attacker commits a foul while shooting (holding, attaching from behind, pushing, holding the arm). The shooter must keep one foot behind the line until the ball has left his hands.

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