Master the Art of Handball Shooting: Essential Techniques and Tips

It is possible to improve the power of your handball shot in different ways. In addition to bodybuilding, it is essential to work on the technical aspect and precision. Here are some tips to achieve this:

– Work on your shooting technique: Make sure you have a good basic position, keeping your feet apart and your body well balanced. Concentrate on your movement to improve the precision of your shots.
– Train regularly: Regular practice is essential to improve your performance. Spend time on specific shooting training to strengthen your muscles and refine your technique.
– Vary the exercises: Don’t limit yourself to just one type of exercise. Try different drills that target different aspects of your shot, such as speed, strength and accuracy.
– Be concentrated: Concentration is essential when shooting handball. Avoid distractions and visualize your shot before making it to maximize your chances of success.
– Analyze your performance: After each training session or match, take the time to analyze your performance. Identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can focus on areas for improvement.

By following these tips, you will be able to improve the power and precision of your handball shot. Remember that perseverance and practice are essential to achieving your goals.

How to increase your handball shooting power?

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For handball shooting, there are two different positions depending on whether the ball must return to the first or second post. If the shot must return to the near post, the shooting arm is raised above the head and in front of the body. On the other hand, if the shot must return to the far post, the shooting arm is parallel to the ground, that is to say stretched to the side. It is important that the pivot is always moving when receiving the ball in order to thwart opposing defenders.

In another register, to strengthen your grip, simply bend the tips of your fingers slightly while maintaining an angle of approximately 90° in each phalanx. The exercise consists of contracting then stretching the fingers by repeating this movement 10 times over 3 sets.

To work on explosiveness in bodybuilding, you can use the SuperSets method. This method involves doing a pre-fatigue exercise followed by an explosive exercise. For example, you can perform a series of bench presses with 6 repetitions at 80% of your 1RM (Repetition Maximum) then do 10 to 15 repetitions at 40% of your 1RM (or 15 push-ups). After a 2 minute break, you can do 5 more sets. It is recommended to follow this training method for approximately 4-5 weeks.

Finally, the most effective shooting method in handball is Kung Fu. Popularized by Asian nations, this technique consists of receiving the ball while hanging above the opponent’s surface. From this acrobatic position, the shooter must make a shot towards the goal before hitting the ground. This spectacular gesture optimizes the chances of scoring a goal.

How to shoot handball well?

Tips for a good pass:

– Hold the ball well.
– Bring your elbow to shoulder height.
– Stabilize both feet.
– Direct the weight of the body towards the leg positioned forward and bent (facing the throwing arm).
– Keep an eye on the player who will receive the ball.

To make a shot, you have to jump. For right-handers, you have to do left, right, left, jump and throw. For left-handers, you have to do right, left, right, jump and throw. We always jump with the foot opposite the throwing hand. There are different types of shots: support or extension (when the player takes off from the ground). Creativity is an integral part of handball, which involves a multitude of shots to master.

To make a good pass, it is important to hold the ball correctly in your hand and use all your fingers to control it. Each finger has a precise place on the globe to hold the ball in the hand.

To be a good pivot in handball, agility is essential. The pivot must be able to receive the ball with both hands in tight spaces. He must also be skilled at shooting in unlikely positions such as back, horizontal or kneeling.

To perform a hip shot, the ball must be returned by bending the finger against the thumb and then releasing it. Once the technique is mastered, you can throw the ball towards the goal. To practice, place a defender in front of the goal and try to score with a hip shot.

A free kick in handball is awarded in the event of a violation of the rules, for example when the player of the attacking team enters the goal zone. The free kick is taken from the place where the offense was committed.

To make a good pass, if you kick with your left foot, place your right foot to the right of the ball and vice versa. In all cases, orient your body and shoulders towards your goal. Next, make contact between your foot and the ball.

How to do a jump shot in handball?

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To throw the ball well in handball, you must keep your elbow high, at the height of your head. The throwing movement must start from the shoulder towards the target, while flexing the wrists at the end of the gesture. Make sure your fingers are pointing toward the target for better accuracy.

In handball, the 7 meter throw is also called a penalty. This is an important shot in the game.

If you play NBA 2k20 game, you can choose different types of shots. If you are an influential player in your team, I recommend using base 98, which is the most known and used this year. On the other hand, if you are not very skilled at shooting with a score lower than 65, I advise you to use base 38. This shot is fast and very effective for those who are not specialists in shooting.

The 7 meter throw in handball is a shot on goal that must be taken within 3 seconds of the on-field referee’s whistle.

What is the most effective shooting method in handball?

To develop shoulder and wrist strength, it is essential to position the ball correctly during a powerful and precise shot. This is what Alain Portes, the coach of the French handball team, emphasizes.

The shot can be taken on goal, that is to say in the goal area, or not be on target. When the shot is successful, it becomes a goal. The latter can be preceded by a three-step dribble. The possibilities are limitless.

It is important to practice dribbling as often as possible so that you can dribble with both hands without looking at the ball. However, dribbling as in basketball, i.e. wrapping the ball with the hand, is prohibited as long as it does not exceed the limits of carrying the ball.

To work on explosiveness in handball, we generally use superset exercises which combine a pre-fatigue exercise with an explosive exercise. For example: do 1 repetition of a half or fourth squat followed by a plyometric course (or pace ladder) for 4 to 6 seconds.

The free throw line, also called the nine-yard line, is a broken line drawn 3 meters from the goal area line and therefore 9 meters from the goal.

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