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Obtaining your handball license: everything you need to know

Handball is a very popular sport in France, with thousands of amateurs and professionals practicing it every year. To be able to play in a team in a club affiliated with the French Handball Federation (FFHB), it is necessary to obtain a handball license. In this article, we present the main steps to obtain this license and fully participate in your passion for this sport.

Procedures for club registration

To begin, you will need to choose the club in which you wish to join. Once you have found the club that meets your expectations and your level, you can begin the necessary steps to obtain your handball license.

Complete the registration form

First of all, you must complete the registration form provided by your club. This document will contain all the information necessary to establish your profile as a player, such as:

  • Your personal contact details (last name, first name, date of birth, etc.);
  • Your age category (senior, junior, etc.);
  • Your preferred position in the field;
  • Your professional or educational situation.

Don’t forget to provide a recent ID photo, which will be used to establish your membership card and facilitate your identification during competitions.

Provide a medical certificate or attestation

Playing handball requires being in good health and physically fit. Therefore, it is essential to provide a medical certificate issued by your attending physician, attesting that you are fit to practice this sport. This document must be dated less than one year at the time of registration.

For players already licensed the previous year, it is possible to complete a health questionnaire, if no health problem has occurred since the last medical visit. If all the answers are negative, a certificate can be signed to validate the registration without needing to consult a doctor again.

Complete the license application file

Once these documents have been gathered, you will be able to complete your license application file with your club. This will then be responsible for transmitting your file to the FFHB, which will assign you a unique license number.

Payment of contribution

Obtaining a handball license also involves paying an annual fee, the amount of which varies depending on the club and age category. This contribution allows you to finance the equipment, training and competitions in which you will participate throughout the season.

Check with your club to find out the exact amount of the contribution., and do not hesitate to ask if there is any specific assistance or arrangements for large families, students or people in precarious situations.

Advantages of the handball license

Obtaining a handball license has several advantages:

  • Participate in official competitions : being licensed allows you to play in competitions organized by the FFHB, such as regional championships, French cups or interclub tournaments;
  • Benefit from insurance : the handball license includes civil liability and individual accident insurance, which covers bodily injury and material damage that may occur while practicing the sport;
  • Access training and internships : licensees can take advantage of courses and training organized by the FFHB to improve their technical and tactical skills, as well as follow coaching, refereeing or manager training.

In summary, obtaining a handball license is essential to practice this sport within a club affiliated with the FFHB. This will not only allow you to participate in official competitions, but also to benefit from appropriate insurance and access training to progress in your practice.

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