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The handball gymnasium: a space dedicated to the practice of this sport

In the world of sport, the handball gym occupies a special place. This is a place specially designed for the practice of this team sport appreciated by many enthusiasts. Let’s come back together to the particularities and arrangements that characterize these spaces dedicated to handball.

The characteristics of a handball gym

A gymnasium dedicated to the practice of handball must meet certain requirements in terms of dimensions and layout. Indeed, the handball court measures 40 meters in length and 20 meters in width, and it is therefore essential that the gymnasium surface can accommodate such a configuration.

Moreover, the safety standards must be respected in order to guarantee the well-being of players and spectators. Therefore, the floor must be non-slip to prevent falls, and the contact areas with the walls must be protected by mattresses or suitable protection. The stands or bleachers present in the gymnasium must also comply with the regulations in force.

Marking the land

Marking the handball court is essential to facilitate understanding of the rules of the game and the progress of matches. We find in particular the following lines:

  • The sidelines (40 meters) and the goal lines (20 meters), which delimit the field
  • The back line, located in front of each goal and 6 meters from the opposing camp
  • The 9-yard line, which marks the area where players cannot penetrate when defending
  • The penalty spot, placed 7 meters from the goal
  • The median line, which separates the two camps

Lighting of the gymnasium must also be adapted to ensure good visibility for players and spectators. Current standards recommend overall lighting of the playing area of ​​around 500 lux with uniform distribution.

The equipment needed in a handball gym

To allow the practice of handball in optimal conditions, a gymnasium must be equipped with various essential elements:

The goals

Handball goals measure 3 meters wide by 2 meters high. They consist of a metal structure covered with a net.

The balls

The choice of ball is essential to fully enjoy this sport. There are several sizes of balls, depending on the age and level of the players:

  • Size 0: for children under 8 years old
  • Size 1: for children under 12 years old
  • Size 2: for women and boys aged 12 to 16
  • Size 3: for men aged 16 and over

Protections and accessories

To avoid injuries, it is recommended to wear appropriate protection when playing handball. We think in particular of knee pads, elbow pads, ankle pads and even mouth guards. In addition, wearing specific handball shoes is strongly recommended to ensure good support and optimal grip on the gym floor.

Location of handball gyms

There are gyms dedicated to handball in many cities, generally located near schools, colleges or high schools. They are also often installed in sports districts or complexes comprising several infrastructures dedicated to various disciplines.

It is not uncommon for these gyms to be located close to other facilities such as an annex for training, a boulevard allowing easy access by public transport, or an adjacent street offering parking spaces. Some gyms may also be located in a particular district of a city, depending on local demand and needs for sports practices.

The social role of the handball gymnasium

In addition to allowing the practice of a sport appreciated by many amateurs and professionals, the handball gym also plays an important social role in local life. It indeed offers a place for meetings and exchanges between the different players in handball: players, coaches, volunteers, supporters, etc.

The gymnasium thus hosts local, regional or national competitions, but also festive and friendly events such as friendly tournaments, courses for young people, or even events organized by local handball clubs.

In short, the handball gymnasium is an essential space for all fans of this multifaceted team sport. It meets specific requirements in terms of facilities and equipment, and constitutes an essential gathering place for the development and promotion of handball at local and national level.

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