The Best Strategies and Techniques for Playing Handball

How do you win a handball match?

At the start of the match, the player who wins the toss with the referee wins the ball.

Once the first whistle blows, a player in the middle of the line passes the ball to one of their teammates for play to begin.

If a team scores a goal, they benefit from an additional commitment in the middle of the field.

What is the minimum number of players to start a handball match?

Handball is a sport played with two teams of seven players, for a total of fourteen players on the field. The principle of the game is to circulate the ball and score goals in the opposite camp. The land, rectangular in shape, measures 40 meters by 20 meters and is divided into two equal parts.

How big is the handball court?

The field (playing area) is a rectangle with a playing surface and two goals. Its dimensions are 40 meters long by 20 meters wide, including lines and plots.

How does a handball match start?

The hand match begins with a draw, as it should. Then the winning team decides which side of the field or throw-in takes place on the center line. To make the throw, the player must have at least one foot on this line. This rule applies until the ball leaves his hand.

What distance separates the goal and the penalty mark in handball?

I can score a goal directly from any set ball in different situations, such as:

– A free throw or a free kick
– The exclusion of the goalkeeper
– Commitment
– A 7 meter shot or a penalty
– A throw-in (throw-in or corner)

Additionally, to insult opponents, they must be at least 3 meters away from the player entering the game.

In summary, there are several occasions where I can score a goal directly from a set ball and specific rules apply for insulting opponents.

What are the rules of the game of handball?

The principle of handball is to dribble with the ball. When a player has the ball in hand, he can advance by taking as many steps as he wants while dribbling. However, he can only take 4 pressures (equivalent to 3 steps) without dribbling and he is not allowed to hold the ball still for more than three seconds.

What is walking in handball?

If a player takes more than two steps without dribbling or does a full jump while holding the ball, he commits an offense called “traveling”. In this case, the ball is given to the opposing team by a throw.

How many players are in a handball team?

The handball court space is forty feet long and twenty feet wide, providing enough room for two teams of seven players to compete for a duration of sixty minutes. In this sport, both teams can move freely across the entire field, which allows a real interconnection of the playing spaces.

How are points counted in handball?

The rules of handball can vary depending on whether you play professionally or amateurly. To earn 1 point, each team must score in the opposing goal.

What are the dimensions of a handball goal?

The target is positioned in the center of each target exit line and measures 2 meters high and 3 meters wide inside. It is important that the frame is a rectangle, which means that the interior diamonds will have a maximum length of 360.5 cm.

What is a 7 meter throw?

In handball, a football penalty is equivalent to a seven-meter throw. This is a goal kick that the referee awards in the event of a team foul. The particularity is that, in handball, this throw can be awarded for a foul committed anywhere on the field.

What are the goalkeeper’s rights during a handball match?

– In football, only the goalkeeper is allowed to enter the goal area.
– The goal zone is considered penetrated when any outfield player touches it with any part of his body.
– However, it is important to note that the goal zone line is an integral part of the goal area and must be respected.
– This means that if a field player exceeds this line by touching the end zone, it is considered a violation of the rules.
– In summary, only goalkeepers have the right to enter the goal area, while outfield players can only enter by touching the goal area with their body.

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