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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Handball Bag

Handball is a very popular sport in many countries and requires proper equipment in order to fully enjoy the experience. One of the essential elements that should not be overlooked is the choice of a good handball bag. In this article, we offer you a complete guide to help you find the ideal handball bag based on your needs and preferences.

The different categories of handball bags

There are several types of handball bags on the market, each with specific features that make them suitable for different uses. Here are the main categories:

  • Backpack : This type of bag is very practical for easily transporting your handball equipment. It generally has specific compartments to store your belongings.
  • Sport bag : These bags are larger and allow you to carry a large amount of equipment, including balls, shoes or even a change of clothes.
  • Wheeled bag: Ideal for those who need to carry a lot of equipment, this type of bag makes transport easier thanks to its wheels and telescopic handle.
  • Travel bag: Designed for long-distance travel, this type of bag offers ample storage space and separate compartments to organize your belongings.

Criteria to consider when choosing the right handball bag

To choose your handball bag, it is essential to take into account several factors:

The capacity

The capacity of the handball bag will depend on the volume of equipment you need to carry. If you only need to store a few items, a backpack will do the trick. On the other hand, if you have to carry a large amount of equipment, opt for a larger bag.

Quality and durability

Choosing a good quality handball bag is important to ensure its durability and avoid problems such as broken zippers or loose stitching. Take the time to check the materials used and the quality of the finishes before purchasing a bag.

Carrying comfort

A handball bag should be easy to carry and not cause shoulder or back pain. To do this, choose models with adjustable and padded straps, as well as a waist belt to better distribute the weight.


It is also important to choose a practical handball bag, with enough compartments to organize your equipment and make it easy to access. The exterior pockets are also very useful for storing small items you need quickly.

Design and aesthetics

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Ultimately, the choice of design and aesthetics is a matter of personal taste. Don’t hesitate to choose a handball bag that you like and reflects your style.

The reference brands for handball bags

Many brands offer quality handball bags, adapted to the needs of players. Among them, we can cite:

  • Hummel: This Danish brand is renowned for its quality sports products, including functional and durable handball bags.
  • Adidas: The famous German brand also offers a range of handball bags, combining quality, comfort and modern design.
  • Kempa: A handball specialist, this brand offers a wide selection of bags specifically designed for this sport.
  • McDavid: Known for its handball protections, McDavid also offers bags adapted to the needs of players.

Conclusion: how to choose the best handball bag?

To choose your handball bag, take into account all the criteria mentioned in this article: capacity, quality, comfort, practicality and aesthetics. Do not hesitate to compare the different brands and models available on the market in order to find the bag that will perfectly meet your needs and desires. Good shopping !

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