Ultimate guide to choosing your size 1 handball

Choosing a good one handball ball size 1 is essential for a successful gaming experience and optimal development of young players’ skills. In this article we will present the key features to consider when purchasing this type of ball, as well as some tips to take full advantage of its use.

The particularities of the size 1 handball

Please note that there are three sizes of handballs: size 0, for children under 8 years old; size 1, used by age categories U9 to U13, both for girls and boys; and size 2, intended for players aged 14 to 17 in this sporting discipline.

Who is size 1 suitable for?

The first step in choosing the right ball is to determine the size 1 is the one that is suitable for young players in training:

  • Ages 8 to 10 for girls
  • Ages 8 to 12 for boys

This specific size allows a grip adapted to the morphology of children and promotes their technical progress while having fun on the field.

Appropriate circumferences and weights

Size 1 corresponds to a circumference of 50 to 52 centimeters and a weight ranging from 290 to 330 grams. These characteristics offer youngsters excellent ball handling during competitions or training.

The essential criteria for choosing the right size 1 handball

To equip yourself with a good ball, you must pay attention to several crucial elements such as:

The exterior material of the ball

It must be resistant while guaranteeing optimal grip. Commonly used materials are synthetic leather and rubber. Synthetic leather offers a soft feel and ideal grip during play. As for rubber, it is often preferred for outdoor use on rough surfaces such as grass or clay courts.

Bladder quality

This internal part of the balloon, generally made of latex or butyl, must guarantee good air retention and avoid deformation. Latex gives the ball better elasticity but also requires more regular inflation. Butyl, less elastic but more resistant, has the advantage of retaining air for longer.


If the ball is intended to be used in competition, make sure that it complies with the standards set by official bodies. Approval ensures that the ball meets the size, weight and material requirements we discussed previously.

Find the right collection for a size 1 handball

To find the ideal ball, you can base yourself on three main criteria:

  1. Collections: special series or models designed for young players
  2. Colors: bright shades to easily spot the ball during matches
  3. The price: do not hesitate to compare the offers before making your choice

Now that you are aware of all the particularities of the handball ball size 1, all you have to do is choose the one that suits your needs! Take advantage of this fun and sporting experience to develop your skills and share friendly moments with your teammates and opponents.

Consider fast delivery to quickly benefit from your new size 1 handball

To avoid any unpleasant surprises and so that children can train effectively, remember to order in advance for hassle-free delivery. It may be interesting to opt for a quick delivery to receive your size 1 handball in time for the next competition or training session organized by the club. This will allow children to take full advantage of their new ball and have every chance of progressing quickly.

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