Handball cages: an essential element for practicing sport

THE handball is a very popular team sport in France and around the world. To play handball, it is obvious that you need a court, players and a ball. However, we must not forget the importance of handball cages, which are also an essential element for practicing this sport. In this article, we will explore the different characteristics of handball cages, as well as the criteria to take into account when choosing them.

The regulatory dimensions of handball cages

To comply with official handball rules, a cage must respect certain precise dimensions. According to international standards, a handball cage must be 3 meters wide, 2 meters high and 1 meter deep. These dimensions ensure a fair level of play for all participants.

Materials used for handball cages

Most handball cages are made in galvanized steel or in aluminum. Galvanized steel is a very strong material, which offers great durability and resistance to corrosion. Plus, it is generally less expensive than aluminum. However, aluminum has the advantage of being lighter, which makes it easier to transportation and installation of cages. The choice of material will therefore depend on your priorities and your budget.

The different types of handball cages

There are several models of handball cages, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the main types of cages:

  • Fixed steel cages : These cages are generally very strong and durable, but they are not easy to move. They are ideal for clubs who have permanent land and who do not need to regularly transport their cages.
  • Removable cages : as their name suggests, these cages can be dismantled and reassembled easily. They are ideal for clubs that use temporary pitches or who often need to move their cages. However, they are generally less robust than fixed cages.
  • Foldable cages : These cages are designed to be easily folded up and stored away when not in use. They are particularly suitable for schools and sports centers which need to save space when they are not practicing handball.
  • Football-handball cages : these are combined cages that can be used both for football and handball. They have a modular structure that allows the dimensions to be modified according to needs. These cages are ideal for multi-sport clubs or sports centers which offer several activities to their members.

Essential accessories for handball cages

In order to ensure the proper functioning and safety of handball cages, it is important to have certain accessories:

  1. The nets : they must be adapted to the dimensions of the cage and have sufficient strength to retain the ball when it is thrown at full power. Handball nets generally have a square mesh of 100 mm and a thickness of 3 to 4 mm.
  2. Mounting brackets : To stabilize the cages during play, it is recommended to use floor mounting brackets. These can consist of metal hooks, straps or specific weights.
  3. Transport wheels : if you have to regularly move your handball cages, it may be interesting to invest in transport wheels which will make this task easier. However, be sure to choose sturdy wheels that are suitable for the type of terrain on which they will be used.

How to choose the right cage for your handball club?

To select the handball cage best suited to your situation, several criteria should be taken into account:

  • The level of play : professional clubs and official competitions require cages with regulatory dimensions, while amateur clubs or schools can make do with smaller cages.
  • The budget : Cage prices vary depending on the materials used, size and type of cage. It is therefore important to determine how much you are willing to invest before making your choice.
  • Ease of installation and transport : if you have to move your cages frequently, opt for a model that can be dismantled, foldable or equipped with transport wheels.
  • Durability : favor cages made of galvanized steel or aluminum, which are renowned for their resistance and longevity.

In summary, choose a handball cage adapted to your needs and your budget is essential to practice this sport in the best conditions. Do not hesitate to compare the different models available on the market and to seek the opinion of other clubs or specialists to help you in your decision.

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