Master the role of the pivot in handball: technical skills and winning strategies

Where is the pivot located?

The pivot is the key person on the team. He plays in the shadows, using his body as a wall to distract the attention of his teammate’s opponents and open spaces for his teammates or himself. He is in the center of the defense, near the goal, which explains why he is often marked by two opposing players.

What is the pivot?

The pivot is the name given to the part which serves as support or end to the axis on which the body rotates.

Who is Bernard Pivot’s wife?

What is a pivot in football?

In the world of football, there is an important role played by a particular type of attacking player called the “pivot”. These players are essential to supporting the midfielders in their attacks. Their main strength lies either in their heading or their ability to keep the ball between their legs. By acting as a support point, they allow midfielders to better coordinate their offensive actions.

What is the role of a pivot?

Tall basketball players use their physicality to score close-range baskets and prevent opponents from approaching their basket.

Who is the best center in the NBA?

Serbian center Nikola Jokić is having the best season of his career, and it is very likely that he will win the MVP title. His impressive performances never cease to amaze: he averaged 26.5 points, 10.9 rebounds and 8.4 assists.

What is the role of a strong winger?

The so-called “interior” sector is made up of the strong wing, a powerful attacker who plays a role similar to that of a pivot. Its main role is to defend by preventing opposing attackers from approaching the basket, grabbing defensive rebounds and blocking opposing kicks. As a primarily defensive player, the strong wing plays a crucial role in protecting the basket and limiting scoring chances for the opposing team.

What is Michael Jordan’s position?

How to drill into the hand?

In the offensive phase, the player must demonstrate his strength and power to break through opposing defenses in the middle or take shots from a distance. He also acts as the first reliever, so he must quickly break free from the opponent’s grip and launch a counterattack with speed.

Why do we love handball?

What I like about handball is its holistic dimension and its team spirit. This sport allows me to surpass myself as a player and as a person, which facilitates my integration within the group. Despite some drawbacks, it’s really a great sport! Here are the main reasons why I love handball:

– Its holistic dimension: handball requires coordination, speed, endurance and tactics. It is a complete sport that works the whole body.
– Team spirit: playing handball requires good communication and perfect coordination with teammates. We learn to rely on others and support each other.
– Surpassing yourself: each match is an opportunity to prove to yourself that you can go beyond your limits, both physically and mentally.
– The search for a place in the group: handball allows you to develop your individual skills while contributing to collective success. This promotes integration into the team and reinforces the feeling of belonging.
– An exciting sport: handball is fast, dynamic and full of twists and turns. The matches are often intense and offer strong emotional moments.

Despite some minor drawbacks, such as the possibility of injuries or the constraints of organizing training and matches, I find handball to be a truly great sport, both challenging and rewarding.

How to be a good half-center in handball?

The central half is often referred to as a “magician” because she must be quick and lively in order to quickly distance herself from opposing defenders and escape their sight. She must also have excellent vision of the game to destabilize the defense, create offensive opportunities and open spaces for her teammates.

How to lay out a handball court?

– The playing field is a rectangle 40 meters long and 20 meters wide.
– It is composed of a playing surface and two doors.
– The long sides of the field are called side lines.
– The small lines located between the pillars are called goal lines.
– On each side of the pillars there are goal exit lines.

How to be a good handball pivot?

The axle must demonstrate great maneuverability, as it must be able to receive the ball with both hands even in difficult positions. The pivot is extremely agile and must be able to shoot from unusual positions such as the back, horizontally or even kneeling.

How to become a good handball player?

Here are some tips for a good pass:

– Hold the ball firmly.
– Raise your elbow to the shoulder.
– Keep both legs stable.
– Direct your body weight towards the leg placed forward and bent (the one facing the throwing arm).
– Keep an eye on the player receiving the pass.

What is the best position in handball?

Handball full backs are distinguished by their strong and athletic construction. They can occupy the right or left position on the field.

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