How to improve the power of your handball shot: essential techniques and tips

How to work your wrist for handball?

To summarize, the principle remains unchanged: take a seat and place your arms on your legs so that your hands are above your knees. This time, turn the palms of your hands upwards to give them the serenity of the dumbbells. Then, gently lift your wrists to repeat this exercise.

How to strengthen your wrists?

To stretch your wrists, start by extending your arms and hands forward. Then, slowly rotate your wrist with your palm facing down until you feel a stretching sensation. Hold this position for three to five seconds. Then, slowly rotate your wrist with your palm facing up to feel another stretch.

How to have a strong wrist?

Here’s a tip to strengthen your wrist muscles: Hold a water bottle in each hand, keeping your palms facing down. As you inhale, extend your wrist while lifting the water bottles upward. Then, return to the starting position while exhaling.

How to strengthen your grip?


How to shoot handball well?

To return to the post near the shot, simply raise your arm above your head then bring it back in front of your body. On the other hand, if the shot must be returned to the far post, the arms must be parallel to the ground (the arm on one side must be straight). Remember that the pivot must always be moving when he receives the ball in order to take his defender by surprise.

How to do a jump shot in handball?

The suspension throw is performed by performing a jump. To do it well, you have to do this: left, right, left, then jump and kick. It is important to successively jump left, right, left, right, jump and kick. Each time we throw the foot with the corresponding hand, we perform the jump. Here are the steps summarized:

  • To the left
  • To the right
  • To the left
  • Jump
  • To give a kick

What are the 3 types of shots that exist in handball?

In handball there are different types of shots. We can talk about the assist shot, which is done when the player is in the air, but also the extension shot, which is done when the player takes off from the ground. Creativity plays an important role in this sport, which explains the variety of possible shots. Players must master the technicality of these shots to exploit them to their maximum potential. This is an essential aspect of the game and requires practice and precision. By using different shooting techniques, players can surprise their opponents and score important points for their team. It is therefore crucial to work on these different types of shots to be effective on the pitch. Here are some examples of shots used in handball:
– The extension shot
– Support shooting
– Hip shooting
– Suspension shooting
– The pivot shot
– Force shooting
There are many more variations, but these examples give an idea of ​​the different options available to players for scoring goals.

How to work on handball explosiveness?

The exercises to be performed involve the use of Super Sets, which involve combining a pre-fatigue exercise with an explosive exercise. Here’s an example: One rep is equivalent to 3 reps in the middle or quarter of a plyometric class (or rhythmic ladder) lasting 4 to 6 seconds.

How to work on explosiveness in football?

Dealing with an explosive can sometimes be complicated. Here are some tips to help you:

– Do not work when you are tired: fatigue, whether nervous or muscular, can harm your performance. Take time to rest and recharge before embarking on an explosive exercise.

– Avoid repeating too much: although repetition is important to improve your technique, it is essential not to overdo it. Indeed, too many repetitions can lead to decreased concentration and increased muscle fatigue.

– Give yourself long breaks: after each series of exercises, take the time to take a break of around 1 minute. This will allow your body and mind to recover and be ready for what’s next.

– Favor physical exercises without a ball: although technique is important, it is best not to rely too much on it during explosive exercises. By opting for physical exercises without a ball, you will work more on your power and explosiveness.

Remember that everyone is different, so adapt these tips according to your needs and abilities. Good training !

How to gain explosiveness?

You can improve your leg power by doing flexion extensions. The objective is to jump as high as possible. To work your upper body, try jump push-ups. During the push phase, straighten your arms, clap and repeat.

How to work on explosiveness in bodybuilding?

For 4-5 weeks, you can follow this training method of bench pressing. Start by doing 6 repetitions at 80% of your maximum lift (1RM). Next, perform 10 and 15 reps at 40% of your 1RM (or do 15 push-ups). Then take a 2-minute break and repeat the exercise for a total of 5 sets. This method will allow you to strengthen your muscles and improve your performance.

How to improve your handball winger shot?

Tip 7: To be effective, the winger must be able to strike the ball with either foot.

When the field is too short (or the action is limited), avoid staying in a specific area.
Using his opposite leg, the winger can recover in the air and surprise the goalkeeper with his shot.

How to play right back handball well?

As noted above, a good back player must have the ability to make long shots, which means having strong arms and wrists. On top of that, he also needs to be versatile in this position, mastering passing and dribbling perfectly. However, he is also very talented in attack, often being the one to score the goals for his team.

How to shoot handball wing correctly?


In the DEBOLIATU game, the winger in possession of the ball is positioned among the four players placed on the ground, in the block of his choice.
After that, he makes a bounce pass towards the back defense, because he has to catch the ball after the first bounce.
Next, the back player must link up with the winger and take the shot.

Summary of game stages:

– The winger chooses a block from the four players on the ground.
– He makes a rebound pass towards the back defense.
– The back defense catches the ball and shoots to score.

How to make a beautiful roucoulette?

When the ball is struck with a flick of the wrist, the player gives it significant spin. Then, when the ball bounces in the cage, its trajectory changes significantly. She goes around the goalkeeper and heads towards the outside post.

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