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How to build a handball court? (easily)

How to build a handball court?

Handball is a very popular sport in Europe and the United States, especially in schools and sports clubs. It is generally played between 2 teams, each composed of 7 players including 1 goalkeeper. To practice Handball, it is necessary to have a specific field. This article will help you understand how to build a handball court.

The official dimensions of the handball court

According to official handball rules, a plot of land must have a minimum surface area of ​​40 meters by 20 meters. During international games, the field can be larger: 45 meters by 22 meters maximum. The handball court is generally separated into two parts: the goal zone and the field. Each part is divided into 3 distinct zones: defense, midfield and attack.

  • The width of the land is between 18 and 20 meters;
  • The length of the field is between 36 and 43 meters;
  • The height of the cages varies between 3.5 and 4 meters;
  • The distance between cages must be between 12 and 15 meters;
  • The distance between the side lines and the cages must be between 1.50 and 2 meters;
  • The distance between the rear wall and the baseline must be between 0.60 and 1 meter.

All these measures must be respected to ensure the proper organization of the match and compliance with the rules. Depending on the size of the pitches, it is possible to vary the number of players on the pitch.

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The materials needed to build a handball court

To build a handball court, you also need to have the right equipment. It is important to choose the type of soil that will be installed on the site. To do this, you will need the following:

  1. A marker and four goal posts;
  2. Two goal nets;
  3. Corner posts;
  4. Handballs adapted to each age category;
  5. A marking in the form of a drawing to indicate the playing surface.

If the pitch is to be used for official competitions, it will also be necessary to install advertising panels or logos to make the pitch more attractive. Building a handball court is quite simple if you have the right equipment and respect international standards. Once all the equipment is gathered and the terrain is ready, all that remains is to learn the rules of the game and encourage the players!

VMA physical preparation and adapted bodybuilding

Handball requires specific physical training to improve physical condition and performance. It is important that all players are sufficiently trained to compete against other teams. Players should train for maximum speed (VMA), power and strength training. Training must be adapted according to the level and age of the players.

Fitness workouts are essential for maintaining good fitness and physical condition. Good physical preparation allows players to perform and acquire better playing technique. It is therefore important to devote sufficient time to physical and technical training to improve performance.

Handball is a sport that is very popular around the world and requires a good knowledge of the rules of the game and appropriate physical training. To be able to practice handball, you must have a field suitable for its use as well as the appropriate equipment and accessories. Once the land has been built and the equipment purchased, all that remains is to learn the rules of the game and practice to progress!

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