Exclusive meeting with Pierre Henry Broncan from Castres Olympique: discover his captivating answers!


Pierre Henry Broncan, member of the Castres Olympique staff (2020/2021), answers 3 practical and directly applicable questions to help us in our training. He is a professional trainer who shares his expertise to help us progress.

How many times should/can the same exercise be repeated with your group?

The progression from step 1 to 4, as described above, is crucial in the learning process. Approximately 5000 well-executed repetitions are necessary to completely master what you are trying to accomplish. The transition from unconsciousness/incompetence to unconsciousness/competence requires a lot of repetition.

What is your favorite entry into training? The one that immerses the players directly into the session?

One of my favorite approaches is to start with a brief video explaining the goal of the workout, as well as its content and duration. This is a method I used successfully at my English club, Bath Rugby.

How can you ensure the attention and concentration of your group?


Pierre Henry Broncan, member of the Castres Olympique staff (2020/2021), encourages player participation by asking questions during meetings and videos. He always chooses 3 points to discuss with the players and reminds them during on-field training to ensure they are applied.

Do you have a “routine” that you practice every workout? If yes which one ?

It is best to start training with a small group exercise, called “Micro”, and gradually integrate the whole team while focusing on the three specific points mentioned previously. It is important to keep a clear guideline and not try to work on all aspects at once, as this can become too difficult.

How to manage a “free electron” in a group?

Pierre Henry Broncan is a member of the Castres Olympique staff for the 2020-2021 season. He holds the position of Head of Scouting and Strategic Analysis at Bath Rugby and has previously coached several rugby clubs such as Blagnac Sporting Club Rugby, FC Auch Gers, Stade Aurillacois Cantal Auvergne, Colomiers Rugby and Tarbes Pyrénées Rugby. He was also part of the staff of Stade Toulousain and Union Bordeaux Bègles. His role at Castres Olympique involves working individually with players and presenting certain points during team meetings. Its objective is to integrate each player into the collective by demonstrating the strength of unity. If you have any questions for the professional trainers, please feel free to email them. This site uses cookies to improve the user experience.

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