Secrets to improving your shooting accuracy in handball

Agility is the main quality required for the pivot axis. He must be able to receive the ball with both hands and in often confined spaces. The player must be very skilled, able to shoot from unlikely positions such as the back, horizontal position or even kneeling.

How to be a good handball pivot?

How to become a good handball pivot? The pivot is very versatile. He excels, for example, in the ability to catch the ball with his “bad hand”. Indeed, if the player is right-handed, the defense will try to block his right arm to prevent the pass. A good pivot is therefore capable of catching the ball with both hands and in tight spaces.

Who is the handball player? In handball, the pivot, sometimes called a midfielder, occupies a central position on the court. This position plays an important role in directing the team’s play.

The body of a pivot in general: The pivot in handball has a powerful and athletic back. It is the strongest and most athletic part of the field.

What are the physical characteristics of a pivot? Pivots are generally very physically strong and have great endurance. Their size generally varies between 1m80 and 2m with an average weight of around 100 kg. Agility is an essential quality in a pivot.

It is important that the defender stays between the ball and the pivot point. You must also pay attention to the defender’s behavior (especially when passing the pivot) in order to be able to assess the situation and avoid mistakes.

The center is generally the tallest (but also the slowest) player on his team. This position is so called because it is often located near the basket, and it is often necessary for the pivot to turn after receiving the ball in order to face the basket.

How to improve the power of your handball shot? It is necessary to develop shoulder and wrist strength. You have to find a balance so that the shot is both powerful and precise, because it is important to place the ball well, explains Alain Portes, the coach of the French women’s handball team.

How to shoot handball suspension?

Tips for a good fit:
– Hold the ball well.
– Bring your elbow to shoulder level.
– Have both feet very stable.
– Direct the weight of the body towards the leg placed forward and bent.
– Look at the player who wants to land.

Parts of a handball court:
– The playing area is a rectangle 40 meters long and 20 meters wide.
– It includes a playing surface and two goal surfaces.
– The long sides are called lateral lines.
– The small lines between the bars are called finish lines or exit lines.

Learn to play handball:
– The kick-off takes place in the center of the field after the referee’s whistle.
– The returning player must have one foot in the center line, the other foot on his own path.
– Opponents must stand at least 3 meters from the thrower.

Working on handball explosiveness:
– Plyometrics are particularly effective in improving players’ explosiveness.
– Working with jumps, horizontal or vertical, for example with hurdles, is very interesting.

Shooting basketball:
– The upright position is essential for a good shot. Perfect balance is key.
– Knees bent, hips locked and feet aligned with the basket, heels off the ground, ready to strike.

The 7 meter long beam:
– Also known as punishment.
– This shot is ordered by a referee when the defender commits a foul to avoid a goal or endanger the safety of the player victim of the foul.

Shooting technique:
– While shooting, adjust the elbow to the basket, then send the ball in an arc towards the circle.
– This method is considered the most effective for a peripheral shot.
– The jump makes the defender’s task more difficult, prevents blocking and gives speed to the ball.

How to start handball?

When throwing, hold your hand above your head and keep your elbow raised. Let the ball go by throwing your shoulder towards the goal and flexing your wrists at the end of the movement. Your fingers should point toward the target.

To dribble well in handball, you must regularly practice dribbling with both hands without looking at the ball. It is forbidden to dribble like in basketball by holding the ball on the side of the arm.

To start a handball match, you must have at least 14 players divided into two teams of 7 players each. The game takes place with a ball on a rectangular field measuring 40m by 20m divided into two parts. The goal is to score points by scoring a goal in the opposing camp.

In the offensive phase, the player must demonstrate strength and power to break through the opposing defense or make long-range shots. He must also be quick to break free from the opponent and launch a counterattack on the first restart.

Teams score points by throwing the ball into the opponent’s goal. The winning team is the one with the most points at the end of the match.

To perform a simple handball pass, position yourself with your legs slightly offset: put the foot opposite the throwing arm in front, and keep the passing arm almost at a right angle while the other arm is in front to balance your body . Make the pass when your arm is thrown forward to give the ball speed.

To practice handball, join a sports club. The first step is to participate in school sports between the ages of 11 and 14. For one to two years, you will benefit from 2 to 3 training sessions per week within your local or departmental club.

How to play pivot handball well?

Handball positions:
– A guardian
– Six defensive players divided into two wings (right and left), two backs (right and left), a center half (or central back) and a pivot.

The role of a pivot in handball:
– The pivot is an advanced attacker type.
– Its role is to serve as a support point in attack for the midfielders.
– He can use his head or his ability to hold the ball between his feet.
– His objective is to score baskets at short range and to prevent opposing players from approaching his own basket.

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