Master the unstoppable attack tactic: 0-6 zone bypass!


Attacking an 0-6 zone by bypass is a game tactic that can be very effective in scoring points against a zone defense. This tactic involves bypassing the zonal defense by using quick moves and precise passes to find open spaces.

The main objective of this tactic is to create imbalances in the zone defense by drawing defenders in and creating openings for shots or assists. To do this, players must be able to read the defense in the zone and make quick decisions on where to move and pass.

It is important to note that this tactic requires good communication between players and in-depth knowledge of zone defense. Players must be able to recognize defensive patterns and find open spaces to attack the defense.

Using fast and agile players is also essential to succeed in this tactic. Players must be able to move quickly and change direction quickly to get around the zone defense.

In conclusion, attacking a 0-6 zone by bypass is an effective match tactic that requires good communication, in-depth knowledge of zone defense and fast and agile players. By using this tactic, teams can create imbalances in zone defense and score points.




When attacking a 0-6 zone defense through the bypass, it is important to choose the correct intervals to penetrate. You can position your pivot as an external block on player number 3 in order to disrupt the movement of the defenders. It is also advisable to avoid dribbling so as not to lose control of the ball. By following these tactics, you will increase your chances of success when attacking a 0-6 zone defense through bypass.


If defenders No. 2 and No. 1 do not close the interval, the right-back has the opportunity to take the shot. If the No.1 defender comes to close the interval, the right back can make a shift pass to the wing with optimal space. If defender No. 2 closes the gap, the right back can give the ball to the pivot.

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