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The Handball Champions League is one of the most prestigious international handball competitions. It brings together the best teams in Europe and pits them against each other to determine the European champion. The competition has taken place every year since 1957 and is organized by the European Handball Federation (EHF). Teams compete in knockout matches to determine the best European club. Every year, the results of the Handball Champions League are highly anticipated and provide moments of tension and excitement for fans around the world.

The Handball Champions League: discover the results of the 2020/2021 season

The 2020/2021 Handball Champions League season ended with breathtaking results. FC Barcelona won the final against Paris Saint-Germain Handball, winning the league title for the seventh time in its history.

The season was marked by remarkable performances and exciting matches. FC Barcelona have won 14 of their 16 matches, including the final against PSG Handball. The Spanish team won several away matches and showed solid defense in all circumstances.

PSG Handball has been FC Barcelona’s great rival throughout the season, winning 12 of its 16 matches. The French team won several away matches and showed a very aggressive attack. Despite a solid performance, PSG Handball failed to win the championship title.

Other teams to have

How did the favorites of the Handball Champions League succeed?

The favorites for the Handball Champions League have had a remarkable season. They won the 2020 edition of this prestigious competition for the third year in a row.

The favorites succeeded thanks to their ability to adapt to circumstances and their determination to seek the title. Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic has modified the schedule and protocols of the Handball Champions League. Therefore, the favorites have had to adapt quickly and respond to changes in order to remain competitive.

In addition, the favorites demonstrated great determination and an unwavering desire to win every match. They knew how to implement their tactics and strategies to ensure victory. Thanks to their talent and perseverance, they managed to achieve their goals and win the title.

Finally, the favorites were able to count on the support of

Who are the players who marked the Handball Champions League season?Handball Champions League results

The Handball Champions League season was marked by many talented players. Among the most notable are:

– Mikkel Hansen, player for the Danish team Barcelona, ​​was the top scorer of the season with nearly 123 goals.

– Uwe Gensheimer, the German winger from Rhein-Neckar Löwen, was voted MVP and was the best passer of the season with 60 assists.

– Oleg Verhoskalov, goalkeeper of the Russian team Krasnodar, was the best goalkeeper of the season with a save rate of 47.7%.

– Frankis Carol, pivot of the Spanish team Palma, had the best shooting percentage of the season with 60.1%.

– Henrik Mollgaard, left winger of the Danish team Kielce, was the me

The new teams to have won the Handball Champions League

The Handball Champions League is one of the most prestigious and competitive handball tournaments in Europe. Since its creation in 1956, this competition has been won by several different teams. More recently, the following teams have triumphed in this league:

In 2020, the Norwegian team Elverum won the title for the first time in its history. The powerful Norwegian team won against CSKA Moscow in the final in Cologne. In the same year, the Polish team PGE Vive Kielce won the title for the third time in a row.

In 2021, the tournament was won by the Spanish team Barcelona. The Catalans won a tight match against Paris Saint-Germain in the final in Cologne.

These three teams are therefore the new champions of the Hand Champions League

What are the main sporting challenges facing the Handball Champions League teams?

The main sporting challenges facing the Handball Champions League teams are multiple. First of all, the competition is very tough, which forces the teams to constantly adapt to the different playing styles of the other participants. In addition, it is essential that players are in good physical and mental condition to be able to adapt to all playing conditions. In addition, teams must adopt innovative strategies and tactics to be competitive and successfully overcome opponents. Finally, the pressure that comes with competition can be very difficult to manage and teams must learn to manage stress and stay calm under pressure.


The Handball Champions League results showed that sport is still an area where the biggest teams perform the best. The team that won the tournament was the team that showed the best level of play and implemented the best strategy. The other teams also showed that they were competitive and did their best to try and win. The Handball Champions League has therefore been a very interesting competition to watch and follow and we can expect this trend to continue in the future.

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