Improve your handball extension with these essential exercises

– Start in a standing position, balancing on your right foot.
– Raise your left knee as high as possible.
– Bend your left leg to prepare to jump.
– Jump and drop eight to ten times onto the right leg, using the other leg for momentum.
– Focus on your landing and try to keep your balance.
– Repeat this exercise several times, trying to jump higher and higher with each repetition.
– Remember to breathe regularly during exercise to maintain your energy levels.

How to increase the height of your jumps?

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To relax, the triceps surae muscle is a good choice. It is composed of 3 bundles: the gastrocnemius muscle (gastrocnemius) divided into a medial and lateral head (former internal and external gastrocnemius muscles) on the surface, and the soleus muscle (soleus) in depth.

To achieve one meter relaxation, it is important to focus on power. To develop your vertical relaxation, you will therefore need to focus on power and strength. Healthy training with heavy weights (at 90% of your 1RM) and sets of 1 or 2 repetitions with low loads (30-50% of your 1RM) should be done explosively to release energy.

The abdominal strap is also very stressed, even if we don’t think about it much. By working this muscular strap, you will improve your relaxation when jumping and also perfect your “ball” by allowing the transmission of movement between the two parts of your body.

Without momentum, simply perform a leg curl (with the help of the arms), then touch as high as possible with a straight arm (you can make a mark or use chalk). The gap between the legs of the arm extended on the ground and the jump represents your vertical relaxation.

In summary, if you want to increase your vertical relaxation, don’t overdo it. Don’t be tempted by programs like Air Alert, which can be harmful for some. Plan 2 sessions per week and allow yourself at least 48 to 72 hours of recovery between each session.

Finally, it is essential to strengthen the gluteal and hamstring muscles if you want to jump higher. Indeed, these muscle groups are mainly involved in flexion and extension of the legs when jumping.

How to work on basketball explosiveness?

Focus on the ball and keep your knees slightly bent. To help you focus on the task at hand, stick to your routine. Avoid excessive and unnecessary movements, use only the movements necessary to pull.

To work on muscular strength, a weight training session is based on 5 sets of 5 repetitions at 85%. For example, if your repetition max is 100 kg, put 85 kg on the bar and do 5 repetitions with that load. Then recover for 2-3 minutes then repeat the same movement: 5 sets in total to develop maximum strength.

To work on explosiveness:

– Do not work when you are tired (nervous and not muscular fatigue).
– Don’t do too many repetitions.
– Allow a long rest period (1 to 2 minutes) between each series for example.
– Ideally, do physical exercises without a ball to avoid relying too much on technique.

When it comes to fitness, make sure you get enough rest between each workout session. If you train absolutely every day, your muscles will never have time to grow and strengthen. So try to train 3 or 4 times a week, making sure to change muscle groups.

Your weapons should help you work quickly and accelerate. Here are a few tips :

– Use your boots: you must “bake” the ground with the front of your foot without putting your heel down.
– Always be ready to lift your heels off the ground at first.
– Stay straight and don’t arch your back, do some exercises to improve your posture.

How to work on your handball extension?

Are you working on explosiveness in basketball? Here are some variations to improve your explosiveness. The basic exercise involves sprinting a short distance of 10 meters. To make the exercise even more beneficial, you can try going backwards when you start.

To shoot a jump shot, align your elbow with the basket and send the ball in an arc toward the ring. This type of shot is considered the most effective method for a perimeter shot. The jump will make the defender’s job more difficult, thus avoiding blocking and giving momentum to the ball.

Plyometrics are particularly effective in improving players’ explosiveness. Horizontal and vertical jumps, for example on grass, are very interesting.

To improve your jumps, it is important to strengthen your core. A knitted strap can help you improve your relaxation and perfect your coordination between different parts of your body.

It is also essential to develop strength in your shoulder and wrist. These two elements are essential for obtaining powerful and precise shots. It is important to master how to return the ball correctly.

What size to dunk in basketball?

How to dunk in basketball? To perform a dunk, you must have your feet opposite your hands. When doing a double step, your foot opposite your shooting hand should be used to jump and place the ball in the basket. Here’s how to practice dunk:
1. Dribble to the basket holding the ball in your dunk hand.
2. Take the two permitted steps while controlling your approach.
3. Jump off the foot opposite your shooting hand.
4. Extend your arm toward the hoops and drop the ball into the net.

Now, let’s talk about the height of Nate Robinson, an American basketball player. Nate Robinson is 1.75 meters tall and plays as a point guard. Despite his small size, he is known for his dunking ability.

A dunk involves placing the ball directly into the basket by hooking it onto the hoops with one or both hands. The term “dunk” comes from English and refers to the noise produced by the metal ring during this gesture.

To hope to be able to dunk, you must be able to reach a height of approximately 15 centimeters above the basket. In general, a player with average relaxation should be around 2 meters tall and reach 2.47 meters standing with arms in the air. However, exceptions like Michael Jordan were able to dunk despite being smaller thanks to their exceptional vertical release.

If you want to improve your relaxation, here is an exercise to do: perform 8 jumps alternating with sprints over a distance of more than 30 meters. Take a 15-second break between each set and do between 8 and 10 sets for a good workout.

Finally, when approaching the basket to dunk, hold the shoot button or aim and hold the right analog stick in any direction to go. Holding the right analog stick towards the basket will allow you to dunk with both hands.

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