How to succeed in your handball transfer: complete guide and practical advice

How to change handball club?

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The transfer is an administrative act which allows you to change your main club. If you are licensed as an “Apprentice” and are 13 years or older, or if you are licensed as a “Manager” and wish to change your primary club, you must follow the transfer procedure outlined below. below.

To make your transfer request, send your claim form to the League with the necessary documents (please consult the federal regulations) as well as the insurance conditions printed on the front of the page. The League will verify your license upon receipt of these elements. If your file is incomplete, it will be returned to you.

To become a licensee and become part of the handball family, you must register in one of the 2,400 clubs and complete the membership form for the French Handball Federation. If you don’t know of a club in your area, simply contact your committee or league.

What is a white handball license?
– A white license is issued to a person who already has a “player” or “manager” license (with the exception of the Independent Manager) in another club.
– You must be at least 16 years old to obtain a white license.

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