Go behind the scenes of handball and delve into its essential rules and tactics!

The end zone is a solid semi-circle with a radius of 6 meters. Only the goalkeeper can enter. The free throw line is dotted 9 meters from the goal. Between the goal circle and the free throw line is the 7-yard line.

What is the zone in handball?

The team is made up of a maximum of 12 players, of which up to 7 can be present on the playing field at a time, the others being substitutes. Throughout the match, the team must have one player designated as goalkeeper.

Handball is inspired by sporting movements such as running, jumping and throwing. Here are the 5 advantages of this team sport.

In handball, the throw is done by placing one foot on the contact line from which the ball came out. Otherwise, it is a free kick for the opposing team. If it is the goalkeeper who makes the last throw, there is no corner, but a recovery by the goalkeeper.

Goalkeepers can only play with their hands and touch the ball with their feet as long as there is no imminent danger from the opponent. They cannot take more than 4 steps with the ball (this rule was changed in 2002). Goalkeepers can hit the ball in all situations.

Each team must score in the opposite goal to get 1 point. Handball rules can vary depending on the professional or amateur level.

Here are some actions authorized in handball:
– Tear or hit the ball held by the opponent.
– Hook your opponent, surround him, push him or throw yourself on him.
– There is an intrusion zone when a player enters or stops in the goalkeeper zone.
– If this zone is created by a defender, there is a free throw at 9 meters.

It is permitted to: throw, grab, stop, push or hit the ball with the hands (open or closed), arms, head, trunk, thighs and knees; hold the ball for a maximum of 3 seconds; take 3 steps with the ball or a maximum of 4 supports (otherwise it is considered a walking fault).

The word “handball” has its origins in the Germanic language: “main” for “hand” and “balle” for “ball”. Other similar sports were practiced in Germany, such as raft ball and torball (“door ball”) played by women.

What is the minimum number of players to start a handball match?

How to count points in handball? Points are awarded as follows:
– Each goal scored is worth one point.
– Goals scored from the wings are worth two points.

To get a point, simply raise your hand and catch the ball or cause a 3 second ball loss depending on the rules. A bad pass can be used for this. The best way to use this strategy is to follow the 1-2-3 pattern.

In defense, it is important to respect certain rules. For example, when making a free throw, defenders must stand three meters from the ball. In the event of an error, the offending ball must be placed on the ground. If this is not done, the player may be suspended for two minutes.

A handball team usually consists of a goalkeeper and six outfield players. The latter are generally divided into two wingers (right and left), two quarterbacks (right and left) and a midfielder (or rotating winger). The number of replacements is unlimited.

Regarding penalties, a serious offense can result in a penalty. This is granted by the referee when the defender commits a foul with the clear intention of preventing a goal or endangering the safety of the offensive player.

To counter a team that plays zone defense, there are several possible attack strategies:
– Use quick passes to get into space and shoot from close range, or to feed or reverse the attack.
– Make screens to prevent defenders from going out towards the shooters.
– Look for one-on-one duels and exploit the spaces between the two defenders.

When is there a handball zone?

The wall in handball: Explanation of the exercise involving two groups where the ball is awarded if it touches the ground before being caught by the opposing player. If the ball hits the ground on the return, a point is scored before the opposing team’s player hits.

The position that does not exist in handball: The right or left back post is no longer available today. You need a big, powerful, fast and technical player. In short, a complete player. This is why back can often be played in the middle and middle in the back position.

Objective of the game: Touch and return the ball into the end zone that is on the ground or rolling on the ground outside the end zone. Return the ball from the playing area to the end zone.

Sanction of an injured team: The injured team receives a free throw which is made at the point of error.

Violation of the rules of behavior of the opponent: Snatching or hitting the ball held by the opponent. Hold on to your opponent, surround them, push them or throw yourself. There is an trespass zone when entering or setting the skater zone.

Handball technical officials: Important matches are directed by a pair of two referees assisted by two officials responsible for maintaining the scoreboard (secretary and timekeeper) and a judge delegated by the organizing body of the national and international competitions .

What is a handball court like?

When do you whistle a 7 meter throw? There are two types of fouls that cause the referee to call a 7 meter throw:
– Case 1: When a player prevents an irregularly hitting opponent from shooting and prevents an obvious scoring opportunity.
– Case 2: Free throws are ordered during the game in the event of failure in the following cases:
– “Basic” errors, such as walking, chasing the dribble, “leg”, transmission…
– Player errors: arm, light belt, small cart, irregular contact…

What are the rules of handball?
– It is permitted to: throw, grab, stop, push or hit the ball with the hands (open or closed), head, trunk, thighs and knees.
– You can hold the ball for a maximum of 3 seconds.
– You can take 3 steps with the ball or a maximum of 4 supports (otherwise “walk”).

The door area is demarcated by a 3 m line drawn 6 m in front of the door parallel to the door line. It extends at each end by a quarter circle within a radius of 6 m centered on the rear interior edge of each door support.

How wide is the handball goal?
The target is 2m high and 3m wide inside. The gate is placed in the middle of the exit line of each gate. The target frame should be a rectangle. In other words, the size of the inner diamonds is 360.5 cm (max).

Perform a 7 meter throw:
– A 7 meter throw is a shot on goal and must be taken within 3 seconds of the referee’s whistle.

The field (playground) is rectangular. It includes a playing area and two goal areas. It is 40m long and 20m wide including lines and plots.

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