Master the Winning Tactic: How to Exploit the Pivot Screen to Attack a 0-6


Match Tactic 07 involves attacking an 0-6 defense using a pivot screen. This tactic is often used to create space and shooting opportunities for other players on the team. The pivot screen involves the pivot positioning himself in front of the middle defender to create an obstacle and allow another player to move and find an opening to shoot. This requires precise coordination and communication between players, as well as a good understanding of the tactic and its objectives. The pivot screen attack can be very effective in destabilizing the opposing defense and scoring points. It is important for the team to practice this tactic regularly to execute it successfully in matches.

OBJECTIVE: Create a 2 against 1 in depth



During a “0-6” attack, one tactic consists of positioning the pivot between the two central defenders of the opposing team. Then, the fullback runs towards the pivot to create a situation where the defenders cannot pass each other without hindering each other. This can be an effective strategy to disrupt the defense and open up spaces to score points.


When the defenders stay 6 meters away, the guard can easily shoot over his teammate by taking advantage of the screen. If one of the defenders climbs on the shooter, he can overtake him to shoot. Additionally, he can also outflank the defender and pass to the pivot. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Learn more.

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