Master the fearsome 0-6 attack with the off-the-ball cross at full back/center half



Attacking a 0-6 zone from a cross without the ball at full back/center half is a commonly used tactic in handball. This strategy implies that the cross, who is the player at the back of the area, does not have a teammate to support him on the sides.

In this configuration, the main objective of the crosser is to create spaces and destabilize the opposing defense. He can do this by making runs to the center of the zone, drawing out defenders and creating openings for his teammates. He can also perform feints to fool the defense and create shooting opportunities.

The center-half, meanwhile, plays an essential role in this attack. He must be able to make quick and precise decisions, while also being able to throw precise passes into the spaces created by the cross. He must also be able to take a shot on goal himself if the opportunity arises.

This tactic requires great coordination between players and a good understanding of movements and spaces. It is essential that players communicate and support each other to succeed in this attack.

In conclusion, attacking a 0-6 zone from a cross without the ball at full back / center half is an effective tactic to destabilize the opposing defense. It requires coordination and close communication between players to create spaces and score points.

You will find, below, 3 exercise sheets:

When attacking in a 0-6 zone, the winger plays a key role by moving to provide a passing option to the back. The cross without the ball between the full-back and the centre-half is also an important strategy, with the centre-half positioning himself in the correct interval. Additionally, the center-half can use mirror play to find a pass solution to the pivot.

You can use these 3 sheets independently or by grouping them together to do a complete session around this theme.

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