Handball in German: Discover How to Write This Fascinating Sport!

In handball, it is important to wear different colored jerseys to distinguish goalkeepers from field players. Player changes are permitted as many times as necessary during the match. However, there is one rule to respect: there can only be a maximum of 7 players on the field. If a team makes an error in the number of players on the field or in substitutions, it can result in a player being sent off.

What are the rights and prohibitions of field players in handball?

How to play handball? A handball match begins with a draw. The winning team then chooses the side of the field or drafts in the middle of the field. The player making the throw must have at least one foot on this line until the ball leaves their hand.

A violation occurs when a skater enters the zone or steps on the line. However, the goalkeeper may use his feet to stop a shot and may leave the area if he is not in possession of the ball and participating in the play like the other players.

In handball, you dribble with the ball. When the player has the ball in hand, he can advance by dribbling as many steps as he wishes, but he can only take 4 pressures (3 steps) without dribbling and cannot hold the ball for more than three seconds if he has the ball in his hand. he remains calm.

Who takes the penalties? When the players are positioned in accordance with this rule, the referee gives the signal to take the penalty. The shooter must hit the ball towards the opposite target; heels are allowed provided the ball is kicked towards the opponent’s goal.

The team that is fouled receives a free kick. The free kick is taken from the place where the foul was committed. When an error occurs between the dotted lines (9 meters) and continuously (6 meters), the free kick changes its name and is called a “9 meter throw” or “9 meters” in handball jargon.

Where should a foul committed by a defender be played? Defenders must be three meters from the ball. During the foul, the offending player must place the ball on the ground.

What is the origin of the word handball? Handball is a term of Germanic origin: “Hand” means “hand” and “ballon” means “ball”. It is trained in Germany by women’s teams under the names Raftball and Torball (“ball on goal”).

Handball is played with two teams of 7 players each, making 14 players in total on the field. This team sport is played with a ball, on a rectangular field measuring 40m by 20m, divided into two parts. The players’ objective is to score a goal in the opposing camp.

What are the rules of handball?

Handball is a team sport played indoors with the hands. Two teams compete with the aim of scoring goals in the opposing net.

A handball zone is created when a player tears or hits a ball held by an opponent. It can also surround, push or lunge at him. It is considered an intervention zone when the player enters the zone or steps on the line. If it is a defender who makes the zone, there is a free throw of 9 meters.

The dimensions of a classic handball court are 40 meters long and 20 meters wide. The field also has two target zones with a length of 6 meters.

The throw-in is done by placing one foot on the sideline where the ball came out. Otherwise, it results in a free hit for the other players.

A handball team usually consists of a goalkeeper and six defensive players. They are divided into two wingers (right and left), two backers (right and left), a center half (or central back) and a pivot. The number of replacements is unlimited.

Here are the basic rules that you absolutely need to know for a handball match:

– Team composition
– Playtime
– The felt
– The ball
– Footprints: A stationary player can hold the ball in his hands for up to three seconds
– The attack
– Errors
– The obligations

Each team must score in the opposing goal to obtain 1 point. The rules of handball can vary depending on whether you play as a professional or amateur.

What is a free throw in handball?

What is extra time in football? In football, extra time (or overtime) consists of two fifteen-minute periods of play, separated by five minutes; If the score does not change at the end of these extra periods, a penalty shootout is organized.

Released. The free throw is ordered after breaking the rules, for example when a player from the attacking team enters the goal circle. The free throw is taken at the location where the infraction was committed.

How are points counted in handball? Handball is one of the most popular indoor sports at the moment, it pits two teams against each other who must score as many goals as possible in a given time. Each team must score in the opposing goal to obtain 1 point.

The free throw line (nine meter line) is a broken line, drawn 3 meters from the goal line, and therefore 9 meters from the goal.

It is permitted to: throw, grab, stop, push or hit the ball using the hands (open or closed), arms, head, trunk, thighs and knees; hold the ball for a maximum of 3 seconds; take a maximum of 3 steps or 4 presses with the ball (otherwise “walk”).

What was the first nickname of the players of the French handball team? “Les Barjots” is the nickname given to the French handball team which played in a first world final in 1993 (defeat against Russia 19-28 in Sweden) then won the 1995 World Cup in Iceland by beating Croatia 23 to 19 in the final, led in particular by Denis Lathoud, Jackson Richardson and Frédéric…

Execution of the 7 meter throw. The 7 meter throw is a shot on goal and must be taken within 3 seconds of the referee’s whistle (13.1a).

How to make a good defense in handball?

To break down the opposing team’s defense, use quick ball circulation and look to get into the gap to shoot at point-blank range or complete an inside pass or reverse attack. Also use a shield to protect shooters from defender attacks. When in a 1v1 position, look for the gap between two defenders.

Adjust the attackers’ attack speed to put more or less pressure on the defenders. If your opponents expect a lot of movement from you, try to surprise by asking the attackers to shoot. Make sure defenders always remain well positioned facing the attack when moving.

It is important that the defender constantly stays between the ball and the pivot. Pay attention to the behavior of defenders, especially when passing towards the pivot, in order to be able to control the latter without punishing their mistakes.

To set up a zone defense in basketball, practice making at least 4 passes before shooting on offense. Make sure that player 4 stays above the “recovery line” and that one of the defenders can disrupt any passing attempts.

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