5 handball shooting techniques to score every time

The suspension is achieved by performing a jump. For the competent person, one must follow the order left, right, left, jump and throw. On this side, you have to do right, left, right, jump and throw. When we jump, we always use the foot opposite the throwing hand.

How to aim well in handball?

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To improve your handball performance, it is essential to strengthen your shoulders and wrists. According to Alain Portes, the coach of the French women’s handball team, it is a complete symbiosis to make your shots more powerful and precise. It is therefore essential to place the ball correctly.

Kung fu is one of the most spectacular moves in handball, originally popularized by Asian nations. When a player receives the ball while hanging in the opponent’s zone, he must shoot at the target before touching the ground, from this acrobatic position.

When you are about to go off the court, make sure you have one foot on the center line while the other stays on your own court. Opposing players must keep a distance of at least 3 meters from the field. They can go to the opposing camp immediately after the bell rings.

The 7 meter throw, also called punishment, is a common situation in handball.

Now, let’s talk about how your wrist works. Sit up and place your arms on your knees with your palms facing up. Grab some dumbbells and slowly lift them using only your wrists. Repeat this exercise several times to strengthen your wrists.

If you want to become a professional handball player, you must go through sports clubs. The first step is to join the school sports section between 11 and 14 years old, also called SSS. For one or two years, you will benefit from 2 to 3 training sessions per week in your local or departmental structure.

A handball team is made up of a maximum of 12 players. On the field, only 7 players can be present at the same time, the others being substitutes. Throughout the game, the team must have a goalkeeper on the field.

How to shoot in suspended handball?

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Shooting Basics – Hanging Shooting

– The player must prepare to shoot before catching the ball, having a low center of gravity and being ready.
– He must catch the ball in the air to develop rhythm, regain his balance, then jump and shoot.

The shot can be taken on target (when the ball is sent towards the goal area) or vice versa not on target. If the shot is successful, it becomes a goal. The latter can be preceded by a dribble, in three steps. The possibilities are limitless.

To improve the power of your handball shot, there are different ways:
– Build your wrist.
– Maximize your performance through bodybuilding, which is a natural solution.
– Don’t forget the technical aspect and precision.

To make a good basketball shot:
– Always maintain a vertical position as possible.
– The key to making a good shot is to have perfect balance.
– This means that when the ball hits you, you are already in place, with your knees bent, hips locked and feet aligned with the basket. Your heels should be on the ground and you should be ready to jump.

To score a goal in handball:
– In 7-player handball, each team must shoot, drip and pass to reach the opponent’s goal and score.
– In singles or doubles handball, which is more popular in the United States, you have to score using bounces off the walls.

To improve explosiveness in handball:
– Plyometrics are particularly effective. This is a sequence of eccentric contraction followed by the most intense concentric contraction possible.
– Working on jumps (horizontal and vertical), for example on grass, is very interesting.

How to improve your handball winger shot?

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To be a good handball pivot, here are some tips:

– When you want to return the shot to the neighboring location, your shooting arm should rise above the head and in front of the body. On the other hand, if you want to return to the far point, your shooting arm must be parallel to the ground (extend your arm out to the side).
– It is important that the pivot is always moving when he receives the ball in order to overcome his defenders.
– The main quality of the pivot is agility. You must be able to receive the ball with both hands, even in tight spaces. The pivot must also be very skilled to be able to shoot in improbable positions such as with his back to the goal, horizontal or even on his knees.

If you want to perform an effective hip thrust, here is the technique to follow:

– To return the ball with a hip kick, bend your finger against your thumb then release it.
– Once you have acquired this technique, you will be able to shoot the target accurately.
– To practice, place a defender in front of the target and try to score using a hip shot.

To strengthen your wrists, practice the following exercises:

– Do wrist curls by holding a dumbbell with the palm of your hand facing up.
– Use only your arm muscles to bring the dumbbell as close to your wrist as possible without bending your elbow.
– Then lower the dumbbell and repeat the movement.
– Remember to exercise both wrists this way for optimal strengthening.

How to do a jump shot?

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When a shot does not reach any element of the basket (neither the ring nor the back), it is called an air ball. To avoid being blocked, the attacker can try to understand the shot. If the defender jumps on a dummy, the attacker can either pass him or commit a contact foul.

They catch the ball in the air with their feet, then step down with one foot to the low post (left foot to the left, right foot to the right), sit down with the second foot, then jump and shoot.

Extended shot, safe bet: When you jump, you should balance yourself as much as possible by placing your non-shooting arm at chest height. On the other hand, your shooting arm should be as high as possible (elbow on your shoulder).

What is a non-sporting foul? A non-sporting foul is contact created by a player which, in the judgment of the referee, is: Contact with an opponent who is not legitimately attempting to play the ball directly within the spirit and intent of the rules.

How to bend properly in handball? Dribbling should be practiced as often as possible in order to go down with both hands and not look at the ball. It is not allowed to go down like in basketball, that is to say by rolling the ball in the hand, to the limit of the portable ball.

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